An invitation to a robust conversation on power and justice

by intersectionalstranger

This blog invites critiques, stories, comments and musings from all persons with experiences at evangelical universities and colleges on lives lived at the intersections of race and racism, gender and sexism, class and exploitation, disability and exclusion, and other forms of subjectivity. The blog’s moderators work at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, but we welcome contributions from all, wherever you are. While we will fiercely protect the confidentiality of all contributors, and will post contributions from anonymous correspondents who live in fear of retaliation from those who abuse their power at evangelical colleges, we will be just as firm that this must be a space for responsible and respectful dialogue. This blog will not be a space for lobbing scurrilous or libelous attacks. Rather, it aims at creating a space for robust and engaged conversation. Welcome to that conversation.