Studying While Black At Westmont College

by intersectionalstranger

In this searing critique, posted on Dr. Christena Cleveland’s excellent weblog Joy Ubani — Westmont College, class of 2013 — narrates her experience of what it is like to be a black student at Westmont College. “I spent the majority of my four years [at Westmont College] answering the questions of my ill-informed peers, fighting stereotypes, and trying to ‘fit in’ although I so obviously stood out,” she says. Indeed, her education in Westmont inhospitality begins on “day one,” when a professor makes a racially-themed “joke” that alienates and humiliates Joy.

Joy goes on to detail specific examples of the racial stigmatization that she endured at Westmont. For example, she says, “faculty, staff and students often expect your academic performance to be inferior to that of Whites and speak to you in a condescending manner as though you cannot understand them.”

Go read the whole thing here.